Pax 3 is a true dual-purpose product: dry and concentrated herbs. It is now the flagship product of PAX Labs. You can switch from spraying dry herbs to spraying extracts in seconds.

How did he exceed all expectations?

Fast warm-up time

The Pax 3 vaporizer has a larger 50% chamber than the Pax 2 and with a heating time of only 15 seconds, the PAX 3 is truly at the top of the vaporizer market worldwide.

Long life battery

The latest battery technology enables PAX 3 to be powered with twice the power of PAX 2.

Pax Application

If you are concerned about turning off your Pax between sessions, you can really maximize your time between charges. With the new Pax application, you'll always know exactly how much battery power you have left, as shown in the display in the top right corner of the screen.

Important: Until further notice, you cannot download the application for this device from the App Store - Android applications are not affected.

Technical information

Spray dried herbs and concentrates
Temperature 360°F - 419°F (182°C-215°C)
Room capacity 0.35 grams
Heating time 15 seconds.
Heating system Conduction
Battery charging time 90 minutes
Compatibility with chargers USB Pax 3 Adapter
Compatibility with smartphone Compatible with Android and iOS
Bluetooth Yes
Other functions 5 predefined temperature programs controlled by the application, multicoloured LEDs
Dimensions 9.8 cm x 3 cm x 2.1 cm
Weight 93 grams
Warranty 10-year warranty

Heating and temperature

The VAPORIZERS PAX 3 uses conduction heating, which is surprising at first. That's because conduction heating is better associated with flavor, but the creators of PAX Labs have created the best conduction vaporizer in terms of flavor; providing a satisfying and flavorful vapor. The steam created is dense, flavorful and thick. It can easily be used on the go.

Featuring a revolutionary, incredibly fast conduction system with 4 heat settings, the PAX 3 vaporizer delivers a more powerful and purer vapor in just 15 seconds - not to mention the latest battery technology that powers the oven, twice as powerful as the PAX 2. Even the best vaporizers take at least 30 seconds to heat up. Power you're probably not used to!

Pax 3 Temperatures

Pax 3 Spray is a dual purpose spray, allowing you to use both dry herbs and concentrates or waxes. This is a great improvement for all Pax users around the world.

Being a dual-purpose vaporizer distinguishes the Pax 3 of 90% from other vaporizers on the market today.

Pax 3 Sprayer - Namaste Vapes

Use the concentrate insert to apply herbs and waxes in seconds. Don't forget the aromatherapy uses, you can add a little bit of an herb of your choice (e.g. mint or lavender) and give your sessions an extra personal touch. Get ready for an exceptional experience, and impress your friends with unique flavour blends.

Design and features :

Design of the Pax 3

At first glance it looks a lot like the Pax 2, they are similar in size, but the outside of the Pax 3 is made of a different metal. On the inside, it's a brand new product, with a whole range of new and innovative features. The stylish exterior has a futuristic design! Made of polished anodized luminium, the Pax 3 spray manages to be both stylish and robust.

Characteristics of the Pax 3

It's really easy to underestimate the power of this little vaporizer. The Pax 3 is one of the most powerful and effective portable vaporizers on the market for dry herbs. It can also be turned into a concentrate vaporizer. It is a true dual-purpose portable vaporizer with medical grade materials and a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery life has been significantly improved and makes a huge difference in terms of portability.

Multicoloured LED lights provide real-time information on the heater and the unit vibrates when ready to use. This means that you will never have problems with overheating. The PAX 3 heats up when you wear it to your lips and cools down when you put it down. A new lip sensing technology. A revolutionary idea for a vaporizer.

Smartphone Compatible

Customize your PAX 3 by downloading the PAX Vapor application. A unique selling point for Pax 3.

This shows that the Pax 3 is truly a high quality product that allows for a unique and more personalized user experience.

An iOS and Android application can sync with your Pax 3 via Bluetooth so you can :

  • Switching between dynamic heating modes
  • Get the temperature of your choice
  • Keeping control of your battery level
  • Customize the colors of your device
  • Enable vibrate options
  • Lock your device if you wish.

Pax 3, a smart device that prides itself on always putting the customer first.

An Improved Vapour

Enjoy the best vape experience. What could be more enjoyable than a tasty vape experience with your favourite herbs and concentrates? PAX Labs surpasses expectations with the PAX 3 Vaporizer, featuring a variety of features you can't get enough of. It looks great, is smartphone compatible, and is one of the most discreet vaporizers on the market today. The PAX 3 Vaporizer has made a name for itself in the vaporizing community and if you invest in a PAX 3 Vaporizer, trust us that you won't be disappointed!

5 reasons to buy PAX 3 today

  • High quality steam - Super powerful battery during the vaporization process allowing thick clouds of steam. Superb quality.
  • Design - Modern. Super stylish. Beautiful aluminium colour. The iPhone of vaporizers! Ultra-fast heating.
  • Discreet - The vibration is minimal but perceptible. Stealthy.
  • Mobile - Good grip. Only one button to turn it on and off.
  • Option for concentrates - Allows you to use both flowers and concentrates in the same device. Pax 3 gives you the choice.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Fast warm-up time
  • Longer battery life
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Can fit in any pocket.
  • Use of both dried herbs and concentrates
  • Discreet
  • Exceptional steam flavour.
  • There aren't really any! We love the Pax 3 and so should you!

What's in the box?

  • Pax 3 Sprayer
  • Charging cable
  • 2 x Interchangeable tips (1 flat and 1 raised)
  • Maintenance kit
  • Standard oven cover
  • 10-year warranty






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